Sivis Study Centre

Sivis Study Centre is a nationwide, non-profit adult education provider in Finland that is partly funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The ministry also monitors the educational services Sivis provides.

Sivis is maintained by the Association for Educational Activities (AEA). We organise education and training for our member organisations, which represent the fields of health, education and culture, citizens’ advice, the environment and other specific areas of activity. All of our member organisations are politically independent.

Sivis is an institute promoting non-formal adult education, which provides almost 100.000 hours of education annually in co-operation with member organisations. Our forms of education include courses, lectures, study groups and projects. Our educational activities cover a wide range of subjects, which is natural considering the wide range of member organisations represented.

Sivis Study Centre supports adult education by providing training for trainers as well as by publishing learning materials that cover, among other things, the following subjects:

  • adult education
  • NGO activities
  • active citizenship
  • health education
  • interaction skills
  • multiculturalism
  • studying online

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