Each year Sivis Study Centre carries out educational projects the aim of which is to develop and improve the quality of training and learning in NGOs. Projects are mainly organised together with member organisations. The objective of our projects is to design and pilot new forms of training and civic activity.

The study centre offers many kinds of support for those who wish to plan and carry out projects. We offer our members opportunities to set up joint projects, project management training, channels for disseminating results and products, and financial support. Our wish is that the results and good practices that are achieved in our projects provide to be useful also in the future.

Sivis offers its members financial support, assistance in planning, evaluation and designing teaching material. We also create networking opportunities and set up various channels for networking. Power through cooperation!

Sivis Study Centre also carries out various projects independently. The aim of these projects is, for instance, to increase the skills base in our member NGOs. Projects are carried out both nationally and within international networks.