Education and Training

Sivis Study Centre supports the adult education activities provided by its members both pedagogically and financially, and offers training for member organisations’ employees and volunteers alike.

Sivis provides education and training for NGOs: we train trainers, organisers and developers, managers, PR people and volunteers. Our courses cover the following fields: training and facilitation, associational activities and management, active citizenship, and information and communication technologies. We also offer tailored training on demand on various NGO and education-related themes.

We also produce printed publications that can be used, for example, as study material in peer learning groups, and web-based learning materials for self-study. These benefit especially people who plan and carry out training in NGOs or who wish to develop and improve their activities and volunteers.

Sivis is responsible to the Finnish educational authorities for the training activities it undertakes together with its member organisations. Our responsibilities cover pedagogical quality, evaluation, and quality management.

We support two forms of education and training activity:

  • Study modules (courses and other educational events)
  • Peer learning groups

Study modules are the basic units training that we support. A module can, for instance, consist of a course on a certain topic. A module has to have a responsible organiser and trainer, and its educational goals have to be clearly defined.

Peer learning groups offer learners opportunities to learn from each other as peers. A group has to name its leader or facilitator, but the members of a group decide on its goals and learning methods together.

In addition, Sivis organises and supports educational projects.